Make Your Links Easier to Share with Link Shortening

Created on 28 January, 2023 • 465 views • 2 minutes read

Link shorteners are a great way of condensing long URLs into shorter, more manageable ones.

Any long and complex website address can be reduced to a few short characters with the click of a button using URL shorteners.

Link shorteners can be used by anyone with an internet browser, including social network managers, regular Facebook users, small company owners, TikTok kids, and you!

Here is all the information you require regarding URL shorteners, including how to use them and why you should include them in your collection of social media tools.

What is a URL shortener?

A URL shortener is a tool that generates a small, personalized URL that directs users to the particular website of your choice.

In short, they simplify and shorten URLs. Your new, shorter URL will generally include the URL of the URL shortener website along with a string of random letters.

For example, if I entered a URL like - into the it would generate This eliminates 66 letters from the link.

You can even personalize this short URL with a custom phrase.

Why you should use a URL shortener

If you're sharing a link, there are multiple solid reasons to do so with a URL shortener.

Long links may appear suspicious.

You can struggle with a long URL if you're trying to link to a certain page that is hidden away on your website or if you're using UTM parameters to track your visitors.

Anywhere you use an enormous URL—in social media postings, text messages, or emails—it will appear awkward.

Even worse, lengthy URLs appear extremely suspicious. Anything may happen if we click that link because it has so many letters, backslashes, numerals, and question marks! Anything!

With a URL that is as brief as possible, keep things looking neat, tidy, and, well, friendly.

You can brand your links using a custom URL shortener.

A custom URL shortener is an additional tool to aid in spreading the word if brand recognition is a goal of your social media strategy.

Using URL shorteners that allow you to customize your short link gives you the chance to name-drop your brand. For example, you can quickly generate a personalized short link using Flickerlink's link shortener.

A custom URL shortener is a method to keep your brand in the spotlight anytime you share links, especially if you're using a free web host or have a less-than-exciting ISP.

You can track performances using link shorteners.

Most sites that shorten links include tracking stats. You may use this data to determine the campaign's ROI (Return on investment) by finding out who, where, and when clicked on your link.

Use varied UTM parameters to build short links so you can easily track source traffic. You're putting yourself up for marketing success if you combine this with additional analytics tools, such as Google Analytics.

You can make the most of the character limits on social media by using short URLs.

Since Twitter only allows 280 characters per post, being simple is essential. You have more space with shortened URLs.

It's still best for readability and engagement to keep things brief and to the point, even for posts on Facebook or Instagram where the character limits are in the thousands. To avoid the TL;DR syndrome, use short URLs.

Another advantage of shorter links is that they can be used in IM or email, where longer links may be difficult to read or completely broken up by line breaks.